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Winter Newsletter 2019

Here’s what’s happening at the Beach House:

The staff at the Beach house has been hard at work, removing snow and ice, grooming the tennis courts for leisure ice skating and prepping for hockey, ice fishing and a skating path around the lake.

The weather hasn’t been in our favor and the lake is taking longer than originally anticipated.

South Beach is open year round, and staff will be able to assist you with equipment and answer any questions you may have.

Ice Skating is now open for Residents and their guests on the tennis courts. This rink is for leisure ice skating only. Due to the close proximity of houses nearby, Hockey pucks and sticks are not allowed. Come skate to music and warm up by our fire pit!

Hockey will be up and running this year as soon as staff is cleared to be on the ice and get rinks set up with posts, nets and lights.

Ice Skating lessons are coming up for 2020. Registration and dates will be announced soon.

Three on three hockey will be available if we have enough Resident interest. Previous years have fallen through due to lack of interest. If you are interested, please call the South Beach for more details @ (403) 285-5100 ext. 1.

Resident Information is still needed.

Are you new to Coral Springs? Don’t have a lake card? Haven’t stopped by in a couple years?

Chances are your file information is out of date or incomplete. Our friendly office administrator would love to assist you in completing file information, and providing you with an updated lake card (if needed) and answering any questions you may have. Up to date file information is critical for our annual home owner’s association fees which are due April 1st every year. Office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to

Friday. Look forward to helping you soon!

Bylaws related to snow and ice (From City of Calgary website)

Within 24 hours after snowfall has ended, all snow and ice must be completely removed from city pathways and sidewalks. Snow and ice must be removed down to the bare surface of the sidewalk or pathway.

Owners and occupants of a home are responsible for removing snow and ice from the pathways and sidewalks in the front or to the side of their property.

The owner or occupant of land adjacent to a sidewalk must remove all snow and ice. Those adjacent to a pathway must remove snow and ice for a minimum width of 1.5 meters from the side of the pathway closest to their property.

Warning notices & failure to remove snow

If you receive a Warning Notice for failure to remove snow and ice from a sidewalk or pathway, and do not remove it within 24 hours of receiving the notice, The City of Calgary will do the work and invoice you for the cost.

The cost to you is a minimum flat rate of $150.00 plus GST and an administration fee.

If you fail to pay the invoice, these costs will be added to your annual property tax bill.

If you receive a Warning Notice for failure to remove snow and ice from a sidewalk or pathway and do not remove it within 24 hours, The City of Calgary workforce will be instructed to carry out the work and the cost will be invoiced to the property owner. Failure to pay this will result in the cost being added to the property taxes.

Filing a complaint

If you know of a bylaw infraction and would like to report it, please fill out the above form, call 311 (from within Calgary) or 403-268-CITY (2489) (from outside Calgary)


Please do not drill holes on the lake, other than in the designated Ice fishing area!

The CSRA will have a designated area set up for all ice fishing. The area will be cleared off and marked with a sign. We ask that all residents, fish in this area for the season.

Safety for Residents and our staff is our top priority. Fishing holes around the lake can cause unsafe ice conditions. Please fill up your drilled hole with snow after to maintain ice safety.

Before drilling a hole in the lake for fishing, make sure to contact the South Beach to confirm the lake is open as from time to time; we close the lake for fishing due to changing weather conditions.


Have feedback for the Coral Springs Residents Association about the Lake and Lake Parks? We love to hear from you! Contact us at 403-285-5100 or BEACH HOUSE EMAIL ADDRESS,

On behalf of your CSRA Board, the CSRA Park Manager and Staff, wishing you and your family have a Happy Holiday & Happy New Year 2020.

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