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Dear Residents,

I am excited to continue as a Director of the Coral Springs Residents Association and this year, I am happy to inform you that I am the new, elected President of the Association for fiscal year 2022/’23.  My family has been residing in this vibrant community for 20+ years and we love everything about it.  I have volunteered my time for both the Community and Residents Association because of my strong belief in a resilient, supportive, and caring community. Also, our lake and parks are our biggest investment and as President, I hope to improve on what prior Boards and Staff have built.


I visited the park last week and was happy to see our park manager on the Zamboni making sure the rinks and the track around the lake were ready for our avid skaters and hockey players to help stay active.  For those aspiring to become ice skaters, there are skating lessons planned for January 17th, 2022.  Space is limited, so please call the main office to check on availability and other details.


In November this year, we sent out a survey (along with the AGM notice) to our residents looking for their feedback and received quite a few responses. This demonstrates that Coral Springs residents are eager to participate and want a voice in what happens in our lake and parks.  There is still time to send in your feedback and it will be included in our review. We welcome your feedback!


Another busy year is coming to an end and as we celebrate the holiday season, I take this opportunity to wish all the residents the joy of family, the gift of friends and the very best of everything for the coming New year 2023!

You can find the current lake status and our hours on our website at


Tony Rocha

President – Coral Springs Residents Association

Phone: (403)472-7076


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